Vijana Barubaru

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V-BE is a music duo made up of Mshairi Spikes, a rapper with a great influence on poetry, and Tuku Kantu, a seasoned vocalist with an influence on pop and native East-African sounds. We choose to write about deep and different subjects with a global resonance; we write about life. Our music is founded on the experiences that we have lived and those that others have lived around us. Driven by the desire to educate, entertain, and inspire, our writing is an irrefutable expression of genuine emotion that hugs our listener and offers warm melodic comfort that is soothing. The element that is core to our creative excellence is the deep brotherhood we share. Having been friends for more than six years, we share a big-brother-little-brother bond that shows in some of our music. With truth, honesty, love, and a passion for excellence to guide us, V-BE gets closer to be a name you will forever remember a day at a time.

Vijana Barubaru - Sasa Hivi Refix ft. Nandy